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Quick Prescription Filling

Fill your prescriptions in a few minutes.

7 Days Free Delivery

Direct to your door prescriptions. Enjoy the convenience of free same-day prescription delivery.

Prescribing Pharmacist

Get Assessed By Our Pharmacist, Receive A Prescription if needed And Experience Relief. We have Pharmacists authorized to initiate therapy or treat a condition where you can avoid a Doctor's visit. Have you ever felt a cold sore coming on but didn’t have time to see your doctor for another prescription of the antiviral medication or topical cream that you usually get when you have a cold sore? This is one example of where Pharmacist’s prescribing can be very beneficial to you. Pharmacists currently have the ability to prescribe for several different conditions. Our Pharmacists are certified and skilled to diagnose and prescribe an appropriate medication, fill the prescription and make sure you are comfortable with how to use it. If you run out of your medications whether for chronic or acute conditions; in either of the cases
a) out of refills, Our Prescribing Pharmacists can prescribe enough so that you do not have to go without those medications; or
b) you have forgotten your prescription somewhere else, or you did not have a chance to pick it up at a different pharmacy.

Compliance Packaging

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to take medications when prescribed – let alone multiple medications. We offer complimentary blister packaging for your medications in an easy to understand clear plastic pods prepared in the appropriate time slots so you know when to take them and you will be able to easily keep track of your medication.

Medication Review

Our pharmacists can help you manage your medical conditions by reviewing medications, Lab work, Interaction with food, lifestyle or other medications. Pharmacists work with your Doctor to optimize current therapy. Questions on your medications or health, talk to our Pharmacist!
Also discuss non medicated ways to keep healthy!


We help you to get all compounded medications by your Physician same day.

Easy Prescription Transfer

Transferring Prescriptions from another pharmacy is easy as always! Talk to our staff to transfer your medications or submit an online request.

Quit Smoking

Conquering your smoking habit can be difficult. That’s why We are here to help you with resources to help you get started. Find out what products may be right for you, how much you’ll save and how to start your personalized quitting journey. We also can prescribe medications plus Nicotine Replacement products for smoking cessation.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. You can ask our pharmacist to check your blood pressure at the pharmacy at no extra cost and direct about proper measures to keep your blood pressure under control.

Diabetes education and management

Description: We help you to have control over your diabetes through counseling, lifestyle changes, and adjusting your current medication regimen.

Senior Discounts

Emerald Downtown Pharmacy has been a part of the senior community and eager to deliver the best to them. We offer 25% discounts to all our beloved seniors on over the counter medications and Front store products 7 days a week.

Injections and Routine Vaccinations

Our Pharmacists administer many vaccines including Flu, Covid, and Shingles Vaccine.

Allergy Shots

We administer weekly allergy shots.

Natural Health products

We offer a variety of natural products and vitamins.

Free Medication & Bio-hazard Disposal

We accept used syringes and needles, Expired Prescription, Unused Prescription and OTC medications for proper disposal in a safe and environment friendly way.

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